Welcome to Omegadevs, my personal website. My name is Arjun S.

Lets get started

What Can I Do

I can design amazing HTML5/CSS3 Websites, do Server Administration, Data Analysis and code in Python.

I also happen to be good at troubleshooting and finding solutions for problems of all sorts.

Among my weaker skills set, I can edit videos, play guitar, create Android and iOS apps, architecting-managing IT Infrastructure, SEO etc..


Who I Am

A Beginner Computer Scientist in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Intermediate Server Adminisitrator, Systems and Networking Administration with hands-on experince in Windows Server administration, Advanced Web Designer using HTML5/CSS3/AngularJS


Say Hello.

Hello there Homo Sapien. You looking to get in touch? Go on, dont be shy.. Send me a message and I will surely back to you.